IP and Research Commercialisation

IP and Research Commercialisation

Intellectual Property is the foundation of modern business. Protecting Intellectual Property is difficult, especially when it comes to commercialising it. Without the right protections in place, competitors can easily take advantage of your work.

Some aspects of intellectual capital benefit from the legislation, including patents, copyrights, designs and trademarks. Rather than relying solely on legislation, our experts at Boettcher Law can provide you with greater protection for your intellectual property.

The journey from invention to commercial application is what we refer to as “commercialisation”. Our experienced lawyers at Boettcher Law will advise you and help protect your intellectual assets along the way. Well-drafted contracts can protect your interests during stages such as the Technology Transfer and the product launch.

Technology Transfer is the transmission of the results of your research to the final marketplace. The transmission is one of the most critical steps, and applying the correct licensing practices will ensure that you can maximise your business’s prospects of success. Our team of commercial lawyers will assist you in bundling your underlying technology and the equipment needed to utilise the technology in one agreement. Such an arrangement is vital to help your business to transform your early-stage intellectual property into bases for new platforms, products, or services that will ultimately be made into products for public use.

Having the right contracts in place to protect your Intellectual Property will also help you deal with the difficulty of covering any negative cash flow that you may have in the early stages of your startup before your idea starts creating revenue. This problem is commonly referred to as the “valley of death”. Boettcher Law can help you improve your chances of overcoming the “valley of death” by protecting your intellectual property. Having the legal rights to Intellectual property may be considered an intangible asset and listed on a company’s balance sheet. Intangible assets add to a company’s worth and can be much more valuable than its tangible assets.

At Boettcher Law, we understand how intellectual capital is used as a business asset. We can help you whether you are licensing in or licensing out, buying or selling, raising capital or borrowing funds or entering into a joint venture or collaboration. We will support you from the early steps of commercialisation to the product launch and increase your chances of success by protecting your ideas all the way.

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