Business & start-up advice

Business & start-up advice

Boettcher Law can assist you whether you are starting up your own business, buying an existing business, or buying a franchise. It can be daunting facing all of the substantial legal considerations that come with starting your own business. Our team of experienced practitioners will assist you in getting the foundations right at the start. We ensure that your business is compliant with regulations, and we make sure that you are well prepared for any challenges that you and your company may face in the future.

Boettcher Law can advise you on all aspects of starting your business. We provide commercial and practical legal advice so that you can build a successful business with a strong foundation. We understand the importance of getting your operations up and running as quickly as possible. We support you by organising the necessary paperwork and ensuring that all financial and legal structures are in place to avoid issues down the track when you grow your business.


We can advise you on all relevant aspects of starting your business, including:

  • which business structure best suit your needs
  • What legal regulations are relevant to your business structure
  • Setting up or reviewing contracts and agreements, including a company constitution, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, employment contracts and lease agreements
  • Putting business succession strategies in place
  • Putting strategies in place to protect your business such as considering intellectual property and restraints of trade
  • Helping you to identify and understand any challenges before you commit to getting started in your business
  • Resolving legal issues that arise in the course of running your business, including advice about contracts, employment, and agreements


Specialist lawyers to help you when buying a business

Buying an existing business can lead the way to financial success and freedom. The legal experts at Boettcher Law have experience with all aspects of buying a business. We are here to ensure you are getting the best deal and the right foundation for your success.

The advantages of acquiring an existing business include an existing customer base, strong relationships with suppliers, established operational systems and experienced staff. All these aspects of the business have to be considered and evaluated before you can commit to the purchase.

Boettcher Law has experts in commercial law and employment law to advise you in all phases of buying a business, including helping you to identify any challenges that come with the acquisition of a business.

We can draft and advise regarding a contract for sale and ensure that all aspects of the transaction are appropriately documented and understood.

Our advice includes:

  • establishing or reviewing the business structure;
  • suitable lease arrangements;
  • reviewing workplace agreements to protect your interests and comply with legislation; and
  • checking that the relevant agreements are in place with suppliers and service providers.



Legal Advice For Those Buying a Franchise

Boettcher Law can help you navigate the process of becoming a franchisee.


What is a franchise?

A franchise is a license to use the business name of the franchise for a set period. You buy intellectual property in the franchisor’s trademark and the excellent reputation of the brand. You will be a dealer of an established product that is owned by the franchisor. As a franchisee, you have access to a standardised system that will support you to manage your own business successfully. But there are also contractual obligations to run your business in a certain way.

As a franchisee, you will have access to many advantages that come with an established brand while operating your own business. The franchise usually has an organised system in place that will support you in organising your paperwork and keeping your records up to date.

Our team can help you to understand the benefits and obligations of becoming a franchisee before you commit to buy a franchise. Boettcher Law has the experience to provide expert advice about all aspects of purchasing a franchise. Our experienced team will support you to understand the financial and legal obligations that you are about to enter. We will also help you along the way to ensure that your franchise experience is positive and successful.



Starting a Business

Setting up your own business is exciting. While there is always an element of risk involved in starting a business, Boettcher Law can help guide you through them and provide expert advice about all aspects of starting your business.

The most important step before you start your own business is to decide on a business structure. Getting the structure right at the beginning is very important and includes the preparation of the start-up documentation. Well drafted contracts and agreements will help you to minimise future risks and will set you up for success.

The team at Boettcher Law can help you to understand all your financial and legal obligations and will advise you on the legal documents that you require to successfully run your business. With the help of our experienced solicitors, we can identify any risks and plan for them. With us, you can focus on what matters, the operation and growth of your business.



Partnership Agreements

Whether you are working together with a best friend or an acquaintance, partnership agreements are vital to minimise the potential for dispute. Boettcher Law helps you to put a firm partnership agreement in place for your business.

A Partnership Agreement is an essential legal document. The Agreement defines the nature of the partnership and the obligations and rights of each partner in the business.

It is often the case that two friends, colleagues, or even spouses, become partners in business together. Often the parties fail to plan for eventualities or disputes. A close personal relationship does not remove the need for a formal agreement. It would be a mistake to engage in any business relationship without such a contract. The business relationship can mean that you are liable for the actions of your partner. You could even be financially liable for the decisions your partner has made. A Partnership Agreement will clarify issues regarding partnership liability so that you can have peace of mind.

A Partnership Agreement will need to consider the individual needs of your business. Our commercial lawyers can provide advice about managing the risk of your partnership, ensure that you understand your legal obligations as a partner, and draft the terms and conditions of your Partnership Agreement.




Shareholder Agreements

A Shareholder Agreement is an agreement between shareholders in a company. Boettcher Law helps you put together a carefully considered shareholder agreement that will cover all potential scenarios that your shareholders may face in the future.

With a Shareholder Agreement, the obligations and rights of the shareholders are clearly defined, and the procedure for resolving disputes is transparent. The ability to manage conflicts between shareholders early will allow you to minimise the disruption to your business’ productivity.

As all businesses are unique, the Shareholder Agreement will need to consider the particular needs of your company. Our commercial lawyers at Boettcher Law can provide tailored advice about relevant issues and draft or review your Shareholder Agreement.


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